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Have a seat. Relax. And tell me what the problem is...
If you've ever tried to resolve your own computer dilemma, you know that there comes a point when it's time to call a professional. The question is who do you call?

How can you tell if the computer guy (or gal) you call is good? I can help you with that. In fact, I can help you with a lot more than that. Now, I'm sure you have some questions, so let's see if I have some answers for you ...

...or a technician, geek, nerd, etc.
There is a clear distinction that you can make between a good computer consultant and a "geek", "nerd", etc. You see, there are many people who are superb with computers, but not all of them are good with people.

Technical prowess does not a good consultant make. If you've ever had a "computer person" do some important work for you - and then disappear or not respond when you were in trouble ... you know what I mean.

A good computer consultant places emphasis on people. Here's the simple answer: There are a lot of people who know computers, but don't know their business and don't understand people. I'm a good businessperson who genuinely cares about you as a client. I also happen to know a heck of a lot about computers.

Actually, people just like yourself made me a computer doctor.
When I first started helping people with their computer needs, they referred me to others - often by personal introduction. How do you introduce the person who does stuff that you need done, but you don't understand and really don't want to know too much about?

After watching too many clients befuddled for an adequate description, I sat down and thought 'Well, what am I? What do I do?' Upon long consideration, I came up with the following description: I help people who need help. They come to me with a problem and I figure out a way to fix it and make sure they have what they need to keep it from happening again.

If the client prefers, I go to them to tend to their needs in the comfort of their own home or office. Quite often, I listen and help ease the tension and stress that can be associated with such problems. It's more than fixing up broken parts - it's about helping people. Now, you tell me - doesn't that sound like what you look for in a good doctor?

Well, what level of help do you need?
Upgrades or repairs? Private Tutoring on the computer subject of your choice? Web design or email marketing? I have a broad range of expertise and skills. More importantly, I'm here to help with your problems and your needs. Want to learn to browse the web safely? Need some help setting up your new computer or just choosing one in the first place? I'll be happy to help.

Is it time to bring your existing website up out of the 90's or even the '80's? No problem. Have you decided to bring your business onto the Web for the first time, but don't know where to start? Let me help you with that.

Are you being ravaged by viruses, spyware, hackers or identity thieves? That's a serious problem! Let's get that remedied right away.

Actually, you've already begun.
This web site is geared towards helping us build a healthy doctor-patient relationship. You've taken the time to learn about me, now help me to learn about you.