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Traditionally, August and September mark the start of some good to great deals on electronics and is often held to be the best time to start shopping for a new computer; or if you are extra sneaky, an early present for the winter holidays!

Why should I look for a bargain instead of the newest thing?
The best way to shop for technology oriented items such as printers, laptops, desktops, tablets, smart phones etc is to stay just behind the technology curve and get a good deal that won't break the bank OR make you feel like you've bought too cheap. This also helps keep you from getting an electronic "dud" which sometimes happens with the latest and greatest.

When should I get a new computer?
Good question. The first rule of thumb is "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." If what you have is doing the job and you are happy then don't change a thing. That being said, the average life-span of a computer is about 3-4 years; thanks to the ever-changing technology factor and the relentless marketing of new products.

This year also found us saying goodbye to that old workhorse, Windows XP. What with ever-advancing technology and Microsoft stopping all support for XP except to big businesses many of you have opted to upgrade to a newer computer.

So. if you are hanging in there too, just hoping your old computer will last a little longer; then let's take some stress out of your life with a good deal on a new computer. I can help you with that; and I don't charge to find a bargain.

What to buy
I still recommend Dell and Asus first, and HP second - I've seen too many computer troubles to recommend anything else to people I like!

Where do I go from here?
Here are some basic links to get you started. Remember that deals come and go and prices change all the time so now can be a good time to buy if you're prepared. But if you miss one deal there will be another one along soon so just keep your eyes open and you'll find your best fit.
Walmart Main Link