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Here are some quick troubleshooting tips that you can follow every time you get a wifi connection problem. They work well for hard line connections too so feel free to print this page out for later use.

The "Wi" won't "Fi"!
Occasionally, when we have a power blip, high winds, a little too much rain or your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is a little slow (not to name names here but you know who you are) your wifi connection can be temporarily knocked out and may seem hard to get back. Here's a little quick fix list that you can use every time this happens.

Quick Fixes for Wifi Problems
(Always follow these steps in order)

No wifi connection even though modem, router etc are all showing as on and appear to be connected

1. Restart your modem as follows*:
      a. Pull the power cord out of the back of the modem
      b. Wait ten seconds
      c. Then plug it back in.
      d. Wait another ten seconds
2. Then restart your wifi router the same way.
3. Then restart your computer as usual.

Have a little patience and give the whole system 5 minutes or so to get all connected, then test your internet connection by bringing up your web browser.
These steps will cure about 85% of those little wifi issues that we all experience and are also good first troubleshooting steps for chronically slow or intermittent wifi connections.

Laptops Only
Wifi a No Go? Suspect your cat tromped on the keyboard when you weren't looking and shut off the wifi? (Don't laugh too hard, it happens!)

Here's the Quick Fix
If the above steps of turning everything off and on again don't work, try this next one.

1. Find the "Fn" key in the bottom row on the left side of the keyboard. This is called the Function key. Just think of it as another shift key.
2. Now locate the wifi icon in the top row of keys the keyboard. This is usually the F2 key but can depend on your computer.
3. Now hold down the Function key and tap the F2-key at the top of the keyboard to turn the wifi radio on and off. While you do this, watch the computer screen.
4. You should see a big wifi icon flash on the computer SCREEN indicating that the wifi is ON or OFF.
5. Once it shows as ON, wait a minute (yes, a whole minute!) while the computer connects to the internet, then try your web browser.
You should be able to get right online!

There are other reasons why you can't connect; so if it gets any more complicated than the above, call me!

Don't have wifi, just a hard line connection?
You can still use the tips in the first section. Just restart your modem and computer if you can't get online with a hard line connection and see if that fixes the issue.

*The fancy techie word for restarting a modem or router is called "Power Cycling". It sounds more complicated than it is. Basically when you pull the power cord out from the back of a modem or router, it clears out any cobwebs in the system and gives it a fresh start, much like restarting your computer does. Although I don’t recommend you treat the computer the same way!